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Soaking dry fruits and nuts for Christmas Cake

Written By anjusrecipebook on Saturday, 28 November 2015 | 07:57

Getting ready to make a Rich fruit cake for Christmas...

Cashew nuts
Dried Apricots
Golden Raisins
Black Currants
Tutti fruity
Rum/Brandy: As Required to soak


Chop all the dried fruits and nuts to bite size pieces
Combine everything well
Transfer it to a glass jar
Pour rum or brandy to the glass jar until the mixture is completely immersed in alcohol
Give a good stir and close the lid and keep in a cool dark place
Shake the jar once in a while and at any time you feel the mixture has become dry add some more rum/brandy.
Do this until you use the mixture to make cake.

I did not mention the quantity of nuts and dry fruits, but i soaked approx 2 cups everything combined
You can use any nuts like almonds, pistachios and any dry fruits or candied orange peel or ginger peel.
If you need an alcohol free version soak the fruits and nuts in orange juice before 1 day of baking
Dry Fruits & Nuts Soaked in Orange Juice(Alcohol Free Version)
This fruit mixture soaked in alcohol can be stored up to one year, but if the weather is hot and humid keep it in refrigerator
The glass jar you use should be clean and dry and have a tight fitting lid.
After 2 months of soaking in rum
Strained and ready to be added to cake batter


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